Book review: The Phoenix Project

This book is about IT project management, but unlike most management books, instead of being a series of case studies, it is written like a novel. The main character, Bill, is suddenly promoted from head of middleware technology to CTO at a time when the company, Parts limited, is failing apart at the seems.

What I found most surprising was that the book actually worked as a novel. I found myself genuinely caring about Bill and people he worked with and getting sucked in to the drama of delivering the project.

Also for a book about IT project management it’s amazing what a page turner it is. Especially in the early sections of the book where everything is going wrong. I found myself wondering how I would deal with his different problems which made me really wish there was a deathtrap dungeon style “choose your own adventure” book based around IT project management:

Maybe one day…
As a developer I also found it interesting learning how other aspects of the IT organization work. There is quite a lot of details on what a CIO, CEO and head of sales actually do.
Also though I’m sure the transformations they make in the book are possible, many companies have successfully made it, I found the time scale for these changes a little improbable and it seemed too easy to get buy in from people who were initially so sceptical.

Things to take away from the book

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